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  • Child Drinking Cup

    Child Drinking Cup

    Dryflex TPE is an ideal choice for soft-touch handles and the non-slip base of this child's drinking cup. As well as being non-slip, even when wet, the material needs to be made from ingredients suitable for food contact, hypoallergenic and dishwasher safe. The Dryflex TPE compound is overmoulded onto PP.

    Material: Dryflex SE range TPE compounds

  • PVC Toy Figures

    Toy Figures

    The Lifolit PVC compound used for these toy figures offers low migration values for improved lacquer adhesion. It conforms to EN 71/3 directive for toys. The PVC uses non phthalate plasticizer and all raw materials are in compliance with EU regulation No. 10/2011

    The material needs to deliver fast cycling time with a comfortable feel. Varnishing is also possible.

    Material: Lifolit PVC

  • Step Stool

    Step Stool

    The non-slip studs and feet on this child's step stool are manufactured from Dryflex TPE.

    The material's high co-efficient of friction creates the surface 'tackiness' and non-slip characteristics. The material also needs to be durable to withstand the use by little feet, and adhere to PP in overmoulding process.

    Material: Dryflex SE range of TPE compounds

  • Toy Truck

    Toy Truck

    The wheels on this toy truck are manufactured from our TPE. The material needs to comply with EN 71/3 toy regulations, they are free from heavy metals and dangerous substances.

    The material needed to be easy to demould, with low stickiness on the surface and to the mould. The TPE compound also needed to display good recovery and rebound properties, so the wheel returns to its original shape after compression.

    Material : TPE Compounds

  • Baby Spoons

    Baby Spoons

    The material used for these baby feeding spoons needs to be hypoallergenic, BPA free and manufactured from ingredients suitable for food contact. It also needs to be very soft to protect against damage to gums and mouths. The 'bowl' of the spoon is very tactile and pliable while still holding food securely.

    Material: Dryflex SE range of TPE compounds

  • Baby Bath Handle

    Baby Bath Handle

    As well as being soft-touch with a dry feel and comfortable grip, the handle for this baby bath also needs to have good recovery when being fitted.

    The Dryflex TPE compound we developed is also easy to colour and process.

    Material: Dryflex SE range of TPE compounds