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HEXPOL TPE unveils new solutions for PA overmoulding at Chinaplas

Soft-touch overmoulding technologies and materials have radically changed the design possibilities for a wide range of consumer and industrial products. They have allowed for the introduction of tactile and non-slip features and expanded colour, texture and functional options. At Chinaplas the global compounding group HEXPOL TPE will present new Dryflex thermoplastic elastomer compounds for PA overmoulding. HEXPOL TPE will also be offering advice on projects using hard and soft material combinations; including TPE and substrate compatibility, product design and processing options in Hall N3 Stand A01.

For the producers of multi-component applications, it is critical that the parts do not display poor adhesion of the TPE and substrate, which can result in delamination and peeling of the TPE layer. Not all materials are compatible and the chemistry of both the TPE and substrate needs to be considered. Initial overmoulding technologies primarily combined a rigid PP substrate with a compatible olefin based TPE. However with the expansion of multi-component designs into new application areas, the demand for TPE compounds that give a cohesive adhesion to a wider range of substrates arose. HEXPOL TPE offer a range of TPE compounds based on different chemistries (for example TPO, TPS and TPV), with grades offering adhesion to a variety of substrates including PP, PE, PA, ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, ASA, SAN and their blends.   

Of particular interest at Chinaplas 2016 will be the Dryflex range of TPE compounds for overmoulding with Polyamide (PA). Due to its very high strength, impact and high temperature resistance PA is often used in applications such as power-tools. The Dryflex TPE can be used to add safety features such as a non-slip grip or ergonomic handle. The range includes grades offering a high bonding strength to PA6, PA66, PA12 and PA blends including reinforced polyamide with up to 40% glass fibre. The compounds can be processed via insert and multi-shot processing technologies. Due to the wide processing window from 200°C to 280°C, they have a high bonding strength to the different polyamide types.

Philippe Julien-Labruyère, sales director for HEXPOL TPE China commented “Toothbrushes, sport equipment, power tools, automotive-interiors, baby products and packaging; these are just a few examples where the introduction of Dryflex TPE has added a non-slip surface, functional sealing, improved haptics or abrasion resistance properties. Our aim at Chinaplas 2016 is to show visitors how they can make the most of the significant design and processing opportunities offered by our Dryflex TPE compounds. Our local HEXPOL TPE China team will be on-hand to advise how product and mould design, gates and runners and processing technologies can be optimised”.  




The HEXPOL TPE family is a leader in the development and manufacture of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and complimentary compounds.

With a strong heritage in the TPE market our companies include established names such as ELASTO and Müller Kunststoffe. We deliver a trusted combination of material know-how, R&D, production capability and comprehensive technical services. As part of the HEXPOL group of companies, we share an extensive global footprint covering EU, Asia-Pacific and NAFTA, enabling us to support our customers worldwide.

A comprehensive TPE product portfolio includes TPS, TPO, TPV, TPU and cork compounds and is led by global brands Dryflex®, Mediprene®, EPSeal®, Lifoflex®, Lifoprene® and Lifocork®. We support OEMs, moulders and designers at all stages of product development in the medical, electronic, automotive, caps & closures, construction and consumer markets.

More information can be found at www.hexpolTPE.com or https://twitter.com/hexpolTPE

Mediprene®, Dryflex®, EPSeal® , Lifoprene®, Lifoflex®, Lifocork®, Lifolit® and Lifobatch® are registered trademarks property of the HEXPOL group of companies.

For further information please contact:
Jill Bradford
Marketing & PR Manager, HEXPOL TPE
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