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HEXPOL to begin TPE production in China

HEXPOL Compounding have announced plans to begin production of their thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) in China.

ELASTO was acquired by HEXPOL AB, a leading polymer group in April 2010 and currently operates from two European based manufacturing sites in Amal Sweden and Manchester UK. The new China operation will initially focus on ELASTO’s Dryflex range of TPE compounds based on SBS, SEBS and EPDM technologies and is expected to come on stream in the second half of 2012. The new production facility will operate from HEXPOL Compounding’s existing FOSHAN site in the expansive Guangzhou area, a key location for polymer component manufacturing.

The investment covers plans for high-quality twin screw technology and supporting sub systems. ELASTO will replicate the advanced compounding processes they operate at their European sites, encompassing automated technology and feeders alongside extensive laboratory facilities. With an emphasis on the highest quality products and support, ELASTO will be positioned to deliver custom-formulated TPE compounds to their customers in Asia in the shortest time possible.

ELASTO managing director Per G. Hellberg commented. “ELASTO have supplied customers in Asia for a number of years, initially to EU transplants and increasingly to locally owned moulders. As sales to Asia continue to grow, it is important to us that our existing and new customers benefit from the same high quality production, technical expertise and local support as our European customer base”.

Dryflex TPE compounds are used in ever widening applications in the household, automotive, construction, toy, telecommunication and caps and closures markets.

HEXPOL's President and CEO Georg Brunstam said: “The investment confirms HEXPOL’s commitment to this important product area. We look forward to expanding the geographical reach and range of compounds on offer by ELASTO as our teams work with customers to capitalise on the significant design and processing opportunities offered by TPEs.”


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