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Müller Kunststoffe

Müller Kunststoffe began life in 1965, initially developing soft PVC compounds, before moving into thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to meet growing customer demand. This means that Müller Kunststoffe can offer both customised soft PVC and TPE (SBS, SEBS and TPO), along with a comprehensive range of other polymer solutions including colour and additive masterbatch, cork compounds and TPU.

The team at Müller Kunststoffe pride themselves on being different from the competition. With a creative and innovative approach to product development.  If you have a problem, they’ll help you solve it!

Operating from two plants in Lichtenfels in the heart of Bavaria, we are ideally located to support German OEMs, their subcontractors and global R&D departments. For us, it is important to support our local home markets with technical support and development as well as working with companies as an international partner.

Centre of Excellence

As a family, HEXPOL TPE works with one of the broadest flexible polymer portfolios in the market. We engineer custom solutions in TPS (SBS, SEBS and SEPS), TPO, TPV, TPU, soft PVC, colour and additive masterbatch and cork compounds. Our expertise in this diversified offering means we supply each customer with the right compound for their application or indeed multiple compounds from different classes.

Our customers have access to the full range of products and knowledge our family has to offer. We also operate a number of centres of excellence, where we have invested in technology, our teams and systems for a particular product area or market.

That means our customers get the best of both: specialist knowledge in a wide range of polymer solutions, with local support on a global scale.

 At Müller Kunststoffe we operate our centre of excellence for Lifoflex TPE compounds, EPSeal TPE compounds for the beverage caps and closures market. As well as our Lifolit soft PVC, Lifobatch masterbatch, Lifoprene TPU and Lifocork cork compounds.

Quality Certificate

Mueller Kunststoffe ISO 9001 Certificate
Mueller Kunststoffe ISO 14001 Certificate
Mueller Kunststoffe ISO 50001 Certificate

Environmental Policy

Mueller Kunststoffe Environmental Policy 

Terms and Conditions

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