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Transparent TPE Compounds for Medical Applications

The Mediprene 500M range of TPEs for medical applications includes several transparent grades. These compounds were developed in response to an increasing interest in transparent compounds from the medical market.

Mediprene TPE materials are PVC, silicone and latex free, making them allergen free and a viable alternative to PVC based compounds. They offer hardnesses from 30 to 90 Shore A, allowing a wide degree of design freedom.

Special Features

  • Good transparency
  • PVC, silicone and latex free
  • Soft-touch appeal
  • 30 to 90 Shore A
  • Coloured, transparent grades
  • Production site accredited to ISO 13485
  • Sterilizable with gamma, ethylene oxide (EtO) and steam
  • Flexibility over broad temperature range
  • Excellent sealing and adhesion

The ability to clearly see through a product to monitor the patient is an important feature for many medical devices such as face masks. Transparent TPEs can also be used in tubing and dental applications.

Coloured & transparent
In medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging colour is also often used functionally for product identification, to differentiate products with different uses or sizes.

The vibrant colours achievable with coloured Mediprene TPE compounds allow brand owners to add value to their products and create visual appeal. A blue or green colour is often used in medical transparent or translucent products to disguise the yellowing phenomena that can be caused by for example gamma sterilization.

The coloured transparent compounds are made from medical grade raw materials only. The colour masterbatch supplier has been selected with care, ensuring that not only the colorants and carriers are compliant with USP Class VI or corresponding parts of ISO 10993 but also that the masterbatches are manufactured under rigorous controls with regard to traceability, consistency and change control, thereby fitting the Mediprene concept at our ISO 13485 accredited facilities.

Colour consistency
A fully colour compounded TPE gives a perfectly dispersed, consistent colour with a correct and reproducible addition level. Mediprene coloured transparent compounds ensure colour reproducibility and deliver a compound ready for use, with no additional steps for the moulder or extrusion company.

For further information about our Mediprene TPE compounds please contact mediprene@hexpolTPE.com

Download : Mediprene Transparent TPE Product Guide