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Mediprene OF - Oil Free TPE Compounds for Medical Applications

The Mediprene Oil Free range was developed to address demands for transparent medical TPEs with a minimum of potential extractables and leachables.

The Mediprene OF range helps to prevent the possibility of oil migrating or leaching out of the material, a key requirement for medical and healthcare-related devices. They are ideal for sensitive medical applications where transparency is also required.

Special features:

  • Minimum of potential extractables & leachables
  • PVC, silicone & latex free
  • Soft-touch appeal
  • 40 Shore to 40 Shore D
  • Transparent & Crystal Clear Grades
  • Anti-kinking
  • Sterilizable with gamma, ethylene oxide (EtO) and steam
  • Excellent sealing & adhesion

The Mediprene OF grades are also highly suitable for medical tubing. They have a high level of transparency, allowing for clear visibility of the passage of liquids and anti-kinking properties to ensure the free flow of liquids and gasses through the tubing.

We also offer grades which display good damping properties, thereby slowly recovering after deformation like PVC, an important element in catheter tubing design. For catheter applications, the tubing is often coated in order to achieve a low-friction surface, Mediprene TPE compounds have been successfully modified for better wettability and adhesion of such coatings.

Hot melt adhesives (for example for connections) adhere well to the Mediprene OF range. These compounds show excellent performance with double-coated tapes for ‘stick to skin’ applications such as patches for fixation of tubing or other medical components.

For further information about our Mediprene TPE compounds please contact mediprene@hexpolTPE.com

Download the Mediprene OF Product Guide