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  • Medical Valve

    Medical Valve

    This medical valve needs to be easy to open and close for patients, including the elderly and disabled. The material also needs a high level of transparency to allow for good visability and it is essential the valve does not leak whilst being used.

    We developed a special Mediprene TPE compound to ensure the right combination of patient comfort and medical functionality.

    Material: Mediprene TPE Compounds

  • Earplugs


    We have developed a Mediprene TPE compound which is being used in Happy Ears® - high-quality earplugs which combine a unique design with advanced noise reduction and sound reproduction.

    The unique construction – with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other – helps to preserve sound-quality whilst providing high levels of protection and comfort. Happy Ears are made from ABS in the core and Mediprene thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) on the outer surface.

    Material: Mediprene TPE Compounds

  • Medical Syringe Plunger Seals

    Medical Syringe Plunger Seals

    We have developed a range of Mediprene thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for plunger seals in single-use syringes.

    The TPE seal, which is mounted at the end of the plunger, needs to provide a leakproof seal with the syringe barrel. Ease of use for the medical practitioner and patient comfort are also key requirements. The TPE seal helps to optimize plunger movement for accurate dosage.

    Material: Mediprene TPE for syringe plunger seals

  • Resealable Membrane

    Resealable Membrane

    The membrane on a medical infusion bottle needs good self resealing properties, as the needle must repeatedly puncture the membrane without risk of leakage.

    Material: Mediprene TPE compounds

  • Medical Tubing

    Medical Tubing

    Our Mediprene OF compounds are PVC, silicone and latex free, minimising allergic reactions. They also have a high level of transparency, allowing for clear visibility of the passage of liquids and anti-kinking properties to ensure the free flow of liquids and gasses through the tubing.

    They also display good damping properties, thereby slowly recovering after deformation like PVC, an important element in catheter tubing design.

    material: Mediprene OF TPE Compounds

  • Zero Shore TPE

    Ultra Soft TPE

    The hardness of rubber and plastics is typically measured by the shore durometer scale. Our Zero Shore A rated grades are the softest material we make. 

    Material: Mediprene TPE compounds