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Lifobatch - Colour and Additive Masterbatch


In the area of masterbatches we mainly focus on the sector of soft plastics. Based on our experience in the compounding area, we know exactly which specifications are required for the different kinds of masterbatches.

Our masterbatches guarantee you the best compatibility, because we can choose definite carrier materials which fit best to your determined polymer.

Additive masterbatches for optimising your process or the properties of the finished articles we offer various additive masterbatches, like slip agents, stabilisers, antistatic batches.

Design your product with effect masterbatches. Design articles often need special effects. We produce tailor made masterbatches with neon colours, glitter, fibres, multi-colour or interference effects

Material characteristics

  • Based on PVC, TPU, EVA, PE and others
  • Colour masterbatch
  • Additive masterbatch
  • Special effect masterbatches (i.e.: flitter)
  • Process specific adjusted carrier systems
  • Low addition-ratio to the base material
  • Excellent colour distribution
  • Short re-adjustment times
  • Colour adjustment as per customer request
  • UV-stable, thermo stable
  • Excellent compatibility with base material