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Legacy Names

At HEXPOL TPE we have a goal to make things easy. We want to make it easier for you to find the products you need, easier to connect with the right technical support, easier to design your new application, easier to access a global family of polymer experts & production capabilities. With this goal in mind, we’re looking at how we can make things less complicated.

We thought we should start with our name. Previously we’ve been known as the HEXPOL TPE group which brings together ELASTO Sweden, ELASTO UK, Müller Kunststoffe in Germany & HEXPOL TPE in China. So we decided to make it easier by renaming each of our sites to HEXPOL TPE.

From January 2017 our European sites were renamed:

ELASTO Sweden AB was renamed to HEXPOL TPE AB
ELASTO UK Ltd was renamed to HEXPOL TPE Ltd
Müller Kunststoffe GmbH was renamed to HEXPOL TPE GmbH

Our sales offices in France and Belgium and operations in China and North America will also be using the HEXPOL TPE name.

We also carefully considered our product brands. We had several names for the same type of products, so we have restructured our TPE brands to create a more cohesive portfolio. From January 2017, for new developments and projects we have consolidated the Dryflex, Lifoflex and Lifoprene product ranges under the DRYFLEX name. By using a single product name our aim is to bring a greater clarity and consistency to our customers.

These changes did not affect the Mediprene, Epseal, Lifolit, Lifobatch and Lifocork products.

Nothing has changed our aim to provide the most reliable, relevant & cost-effective TPE compounds, backed by highly responsive support & application expertise. We hope these changes will give more clarity about who we are & what we do.