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  • Power Tools

    Power Tools

    For this electric sander the material needs to be abrasion resistant with good oil resistance and easy to process. The TPE is overmoulded onto a glass filled polyamide to add soft-touch effect.

    Material: Bonding TPE Series

  • Paintbrush Handle

    Paintbrush Handle

    Good chemical resistance, easy to clean with a comfortable grip. These were all requirements for the TPE compound we developed for this paintbrush handle.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Screwdriver


    This screwdriver grip is manufactured from a Lifocork compound based on TPE.

    It has natural non-slip properties, with a pleasant touch and a good grip. It is durable and absorbs moisture. Lifocork is manufactured from cork - a renewable raw material.

    Material: Lifocork

  • Wheel


    Lifoprene TPU is an excellent choice for wheels. It has excellent abrasion resistance and chemical stability. We have also developed grades with non-slip properties, even in wet conditions.

    Material: Dryflex TPU compounds

  • Tool Handles

    Tool Handle

    A safe and secure grip is critical when handling tools.

    The material structure of our TPE compounds gives a high co-efficient of friction, ensuring a non-slip grip even when wet. The material is soft touch, with comfortable haptics.

    Material : TPE Compounds