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  • Lifolit PVC

    Wellington Boots

    We've engineered our Lifolit PVC compounds to be an ideal choice for these wellington boots.

    The material is cadmium and lead free, so they are kind to feet. Lifolit PVC is flexible, with good UV and weather resistance. It is easy to process and available in a range of colours and special effects.

    Material: Lifolit PVC Compounds

  • Surgical Slippers

    Surgical Slippers

    These surgical slippers are worn by health practitioners in hospitals and operating theatres.

    Material : Mediprene TPE Compounds

  • Orthopaedic Shoe Insert

    Orthopaedic Shoe Insert

    Lifocork compounds combine the low weight and feel of cork with the processability of plastics.

    The foamed Lifocork grades also gives a damping, shock absorbent effect, ideal for orthopaedic shoe lifts and inserts.

    The insoles are stamped out of Lifocork plates, produced via extrusion or thermoforming technologies. They are then thermoformed into the correct shape and glued together with a textile surface.

    Material: Lifocork

  • Lifolit PVC Compounds

    Children's Shoes

    Keeping little feet happy and healthy!

    The manufacturer of these children's shoes wanted a sporty and functional shoe, with an emphasis on lightweight.  We've developed several PVC compound with the right combination of performance, aesthetics and commerciality.

    Material : Lifolit PVC Compounds