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  • Cable Connectors

    Cable Connectors

    These separable connectors for insulated core cables utilise our conductive TPE compounds in their construction.

    Material : Conductive TPE Compounds

  • Power Socket Extension

    Power Socket Extension

    Our halogen free flame retardant TPE compounds have been developed to meet demanding applications such as electrical equipment inlcuding this power socket extension.

    We have developed grades which are halogen, chlorine and antimony free, LSF (low smoke and fume) which conform to EU directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS) and 2003/11/EC.

    Material : Flame Retardant TPE Compounds

  • Pager


    These industrial pagers and loneworker alarms need to be reliable and durable. They can be used in very demanding environments and need to be easy to use.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Cavity Wall Socket Boxes

    Cavity Wall Socket Boxes

    These flush mount boxes for cavity walls have soft, flexible entry membranes. The membranes protect against wind, improve energy efficiency and hygiene.

    You can push lines or cables through the press-out membranes. The boxes are two componet, using PP for the box and TPE for the membranes. Our TPE compounds offer halogen-free flame retardancy, with raw materials conforming to 2011/65/EU (RoHS) and 2003/11/EC. With glow wire test 650°C, 750°C and 850°C, at wall thickness lower than 3mm.

    Material : Flame Retardant TPE Compounds  

  • Micro Tweezer

    Micro Tweezers

    Our conductive TPE compounds were utilised in the construction or these microtweezers designed for soldering and desoldering.

    Good ergonomics are essential, making them easy to handle.

    Material : Conductive TPE Compounds