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Dryflex TPU

Easy processing - high quality
Dryflex TPU compounds were originally developed for the footwear industry. Thanks to constant development and optimisation of properties it is also being used in industrial and automotive industries.

Foamable for light weight Dryflex TPU compounds are particularly interesting, they can be used in the form of foams of up to 0.45 g/cm3 in new areas within the footwear industry, as well as in injection moulding, or extrusion. The foaming types are available in shore A hardness of approx 52 to 70.

Custom-made formulations
Due to our specially designed machine capabilities we can produce Dryflex TPU grades compounded with additives and colour pigments. This offers considerable advantages in the manufacturing of the finished parts.

Specifically modifiable
Modification with other types of elastomeric materials creates best non-slip properties in wet conditions. Therefore Dryflex TPU is highly recommended for the use in safety footwear products. Through the addition of specially developed or selected additives such as abrasion improvers, antistatic or hydrolises protectors and UV-absorbers, we can modify Lifoprene for your application. We can offer Dryflex TPU compounds in hardness shore 80A up to 68D with improved recoil properties as well.

Additive masterbatch
In addition to Dryflex TPU compounds, we can also offer you a range of additive and colour masterbatches for standard TPU, marketed under the title of Lifobatch PU.

From January 2017, the Lifoprene TPU grades were consolidated with our Dryflex product brand. Legacy grades continue to be supplied under the Lifoprene reference but from 2017, new product developments use the Dryflex TPU reference.