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Dryflex PCW - TPE compounds based on post consumer recyclate

We are successfully helping to convert a rapidly growing plastics waste stream into new life plastic products with our Dryflex TPE compounds based on Post Consumer Recyclate.

The thermoplastic elastomer materials were developed to address demands in the automotive industry, which is obliged to use increasing quantities of post consumer waste and operate under the EU ELV Directive to ensure recyclability at the end of each vehicle’s life.

The materials contain a high volume of post consumer recyclate from 33% to 80% by weight. Recyclate consists of polypropylene drawn from automotive mouldings, which are cleaned and re-ground and rubber tyre crumb from both OEM and after market tyres.

Apart from the obvious benefit of recycling, the material exhibits other advantages when compared with virgin materials particularly its superior Ultra Violet, and weathering resistance and sound reduction properties.


  • Automotive interior & exterior trim
  • Mudflaps
  • Underbody stonechip protectors
  • Anti-drag lips
  • Wheel arch liners
  • Door weatherstrips
  • Spoilers

These components can not only last the life of the vehicle but are fully recyclable after use. This is true even in the case of mouldings containing rubber tyre crumb because during the compounding process the rubber molecules remain unaffected and may be recycled time after time.

Download Dryflex PCW Product Guide