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Custom Formulated

Endless Possibilities, Tailor-made for You

The development department is at the heart of our business. Our highly trained teams test polymers, additives, stabilisers and other ingredients to create new material combinations.

Our goal is to engineer intelligent solutions which precisely match application requirements, but also to find solutions that meet gaps in the market. This is an exciting task and one which has sent our products across the globe. We work with our comprehensive portfolio of TPS, TPO, TPV, soft PVC, TPU and masterbatch solutions, tailoring them to whatever purpose they need to meet.

Our support does not just mean custom formulated materials, we work with you to optimise all steps of a products life cycle. From the initial concept, through design, manufacture, end-use conditions and the disposal and recyclability.

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we give in-the-field support and the expertise to engineer solutions that transform their ideas into superior products.

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