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  • Bike Handle

    Bike Handle

    TPEs are used extensively in sports & leisure applications thanks to their soft-touch appeal, flexibility and durability. Here Dryflex TPE has been used in an overmoulding process to give a comfortable and non-slip grip to these bike handles.

    Material: Dryflex TPE for Adhesion

  • Knife Handle

    Chef's Knife Handle

    A comfortable and secure grip are needed when using this chef's knife. The TPE compound is soft-touch, lightweight and sterilizable.

    The raw materials used to manufacture the TPE conform to food regulations. The handles are produced in vibrant colours to easily identify them in industrial kitchens, they are colour coded for hygiene reasons.

    Material : TPE Compounds

  • Shower Mat

    Shower Mat

    The material for this shower mat needed to have high flowability, no warpage after demoulding, dimensional stability, a good grip and a soft and comfortable feel.

    Material: Dryflex SE TPE Compounds

  • Horseshoe


    This plastic horseshoe is a two component application using PA6.6 overmoulded with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

    The shoe also contains a small steel strip which is assembled inmould. The horseshoe is adhered to the horse hoof with an acrylic based adhesive precluding the necessity for the traditional hoof nails.

    The TPE helps give grip and shock absorption.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Grund bed slat holders

    bed slat holders

    For the bed slat holders it was important that the TPE was efficient to process, with good flowability. It needed to be easy to colour and the compression set properties also needed to be considered.

    Material : Dryflex Green - Biobased TPE

  • Frozzypack

    Food Packaging

    Frozzypacks are unique lunchboxes with integrated cooling that helps to keep food fresh until lunch.

    We worked with Frozzypack on the development of a Dryflex TPE compound for the lid seal. Representative Dryflex TPE compounds have a Normpack certificate verifying food contact status according to the Normpack norm which includes the EU Commission regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Dryflex TPE is BPA free as well as being dishwasher and freezer friendly.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Cutlery Insert

    Cutlery Drawer Insert

    This cutlery insert is manufactured from a custom formulated TPE compound, which is co-extruded with PS. The material therefore needs high bonding with PS. It also needs a surface with good scratch and slip resistance.

    Material used: TPE Compounds

  • Chopping Board

    Chopping Board

    The soft-touch areas on these chopping boards make for a comfortable non-slip grip. They also add a touch of colour and differentiation.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds 

  • Egg Warmer

    Egg Cup

    Keeping your egg warm and crack free! That's the aim with this egg cup manufactured from Dryflex TPE.

    The material needs to be flexible, soft-touch, easy to process and suitable for food contact.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • TSL Snowshoe


    We have developed two Dryflex TPE compounds for the TSL Symbioz snowshoes. One of the TPE compounds is used as part of TSL’s patented Sound and Shock Absorbing System, where the softness and flexibility of our TPE helps to create a cushioning function and aids user comfort. The second TPE compound was developed for a bi-material, comfort strap. It offers comfort for the user while maintaining good mechanical strength.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Toothbrushes


    TPEs are an ideal choice for toothbrush handles thanks to their tactile appeal and design versatility. They are available in a range of hardnesses with a variety of surface finishes and colours.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Flexyfoot


    We developed a bespoke Dryflex TPE compound for British success story Flexyfoot. Shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old fashioned ferrule on crutches and walking sticks.

    The TPE needed to be durable with excellent abrasion resistance, a high coefficient of friction, high surface tackiness - making it safe even on wet surfaces.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Fruitbowl

    Lifocork Fruitbowl

    Lifocork compounds combine the sustainability, low weight and feel of natural cork with the processability of plastics.

    They have been used successfully here to make this fruit bowl and are also used in other household goods such as plant pots, boxes, grip and trays.

    Material : Lifofork

  • Plug


    Dryflex TPE was selected to manufature this sink plug.

    The material needed to be soft-touch, recyclable, easy to process with the correct hardness and flexibility to form a positive seal.

    Material : Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • WILDO Fold-A-Cup

    Folding Cup

    We worked with Wildo Sweden AB on the development of biobased TPE for their iconic ‘Fold a Cup’. The TPE compound needed to display the correct behaviour during repeated folding and opening of the cup. It should be flexible, yet rigid enough to withstand temperatures from hot or cold drinks. We also needed to consider haptics and the raw materials we used had to be compliant with food contact.

    Material: Dryflex Green