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  • Glazing Gaskets & Profiles

    Glazing Gaskets & Profiles

    With its superior post-shaping and sealing characteristics Dryflex TPE is a good choice for extruded profiles. The material can be mitre cut and heat welded and therefore provides a major economic advantage for corner fastening, eliminating costly mould changes for different sizes.

    The material displays excellent surface smoothness without the need to co-extrude a solid surface skin. The material meets the requirements for RAL GZ 716/1 - black and grey (outdoor as well as indoor seals).

    Material: Dryflex Extrusion TPE Compounds

  • hydrophilic TPE for water stops

    Water Stop

    Water stops are flexible strips which are used in concrete construction joints to provide a positive seal by expanding upon contact with water.

    Our Dryflex WS range of hydrophilic or 'water swellable' TPE compounds includes grades which swell from 300 up to 1000% when immersed in water. When there is no longer water present the compound shrinks back to its original size.

    Material: Dryflex WS Hydrophilic TPE compounds

  • TPE for Pipe Seals

    Pipe Seal

    Our Dryflex PS grades have been developed for seals and pipe joints used in waste water applications.

    They meet the requirements of EN 681-2:2000, the European Standard EN 681-2, Type WT.

    Material : Dryflex PS TPE Compounds

  • Lifocork Antislip Mats

    Lifocork Antislip Mats

    Our Lifocork cork compounds have been used to produce antislip mats in swimming pools, hotel spas and saunas.

    The cork gives a natural feel as well as non-slip properties, even when wet. The mats are easily rolled up and removed in the evening to clean the floor.

    The Lifocork is extruded and can be cut to size as required.

    Material: Lifocork