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  • Crown Cork

    Crown Cork

    The EPSeal 100 series is designed for crown cork liner seals and can be used for carbonated beverages including lemonades, beer, mineral water, juices and milk based drinks.

    Grades have been developed which address steel down-gauging as well as twist off crown applications.

    Material: EPSeal 100 series TPE Compounds

  • Aerosol Actuators

    Aerosol Actuators

    Greater value and higher product performance are vital for continued success in the packaging caps and closures market. Creative design concepts are dependent on materials that enable the delivery of physical properties which meet the functional, aesthetic and environmental demands of consumers, while ensuring efficient, simplified production.

    We have have developed our Dryflex range of TPE compounds to offer optimum processing and property characteristics. The soft-touch and tactile feel of Dryflex TPE adds to the appeal for the consumer, helping to enhance the perceived value and quality of the product.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Plastic Closures

    Plastic Closures

    We have developed specialist TPE ranges dedicated to out shell and in shell liner moulding systems for beverage closures.

    With grades suitable for cold fill, pasteurisation and hot fill beverage treatment systems. As well as versions for both carbonated soft drinks and the premium segment of mineral waters where very low migration is required.

    Material: EPSeal TPE Compounds 

  • Sports Bottle Caps

    Sports Bottle Caps

    Touchably soft, abrasion and UV resitant TPE that's easy to colour and with fast and efficient processing. Perfect for this sports bottle drinking cap.

    Material: Dryflex SE range TPE compounds

  • Aluminium Closures

    Aluminium Closures

    Due to the diverse packaging solutions available today, many beverages have to be treated in different ways to accommodate those packages. This has led to an increase in requirements on the sealing compound and of course special development of products for new beverage treatment methods. For example, a bottle closure for sterilized milk will have a different set of requirements than carbonated mineral-water. So that we can offer the best solution for the application, we have developed a range of compounds dedicated to the different type of beverage closure.

    The EPSeal 300 series was developed for aluminium screw closures with grades optimised for a wide range of beverages for example mineral water, wine, lemonades and milk based drinks.

    Material: EPSeal 300 series TPE compounds


  • Resealable Membrane

    Resealable Membrane

    The membrane on a medical infusion bottle needs good self resealing properties, as the needle must repeatedly puncture the membrane without risk of leakage.

    Material: Mediprene TPE compounds