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  • Automotive Facia Mats

    Automotive Facia Mats

    These facia mats need to be soft-touch, with good UV resistance. The TPE compounds are available in customised automotive colours. The compounds are also easy to process and fully recyclable. Our compounds have been approved by a range of automotive OEMs.

    Material: TPE Compounds

  • Pedal Cover

    Pedal Cover

    Highly durable, abrasion resistant materials are needed in applications such as this automotive pedal cover.

    The material structure of the compound ensures high co-efficient of friction, helping create a non-slip surface, even when wet.

    Material: Dryflex TPE Compounds

  • Automotive Lighting

    Automotive Lighting

    We have developed several solutions for exterior automotive applications, such as automotive lighting.

    The material needs to comply with exterior automotive regulations, be easy to process and display good UV and weathering resistance.

    Material : TPE Compounds

  • Automotive Sidestep

    Automotive Sidestep

    For this sidestep it was critical that the material delivers on anti-slip properties, even when wet. It also needs to have excellent weathering and UV resistance.

    A grade based on post consumer waste was developed, to meet recyclability and ELV directives.

    Material: Dryflex PCW TPE compounds

  • Automotive cup holder mat

    Automotive Cup Holder Mat

    A TPE compound was developed for this automotive cup holder mat.

    The material is non-slip with good UV resistance. It is easy to process and 100% recyclable. Compounds are available in customised colours.

    Material: TPE Compounds

  • Automotive Mats

    Automotive Mats

    For this automotive mat application, the material needed to have high scratch and abrasion resistance. It is critical that the material is non-slip, even when wet. The material structure of Dryflex AM TPE compounds produces the surface tackiness and high friction required.

    The material is also 100% recyclable and easy to process.

    Material: Dryflex AM TPE Compounds

  • Automotive Antidrag Lip

    Automotive Antidrag Lip

    Working alongside the product designers of this anti-drag lip, we developed a material that replaced a two-shot part, originally manufactured from EPDM and PP.

    The anti-drag lip needs to be semi-rigid with high impact resistance and incroporate an inspection hatch. Our customer wanted the material to be 100% recyclable and also required that a proportion of used recyclate should be within the formulation, in-line with End Of Life vehicle legislation. The grade we developed contains recycled car battery cases. The material is specially developed for injection moulding and has excellent ozone and weathering resistance.

    Material: Dryflex PCW TPE Compounds