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At the FIP exhibition taking place in Lyon, France in June (stand P16), global compounding group HEXPOL TPE will present recent advances in Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), including new developments in styrenic block copolymer and biobased technologies.

“We’ve introduced a number of TPE compounds that make it easier for our customers to meet emerging market demands, as well as opening up new product design possibilities and brand differentiation,” commented Philippe Julien-Labruyère, sales director HEXPOL TPE. “These materials are being used to add soft-touch appeal, functional performance or product safety features to a growing range of applications in the consumer, medical, electronics and automotive markets.   

Among the solutions HEXPOL TPE will present at FIP will be:

Dryflex Touch - a range of TPEs designed to give a superior silky feel and touchably soft sensation. Several series have been developed with properties designed for applications such as wearable technology, consumer electronics, smartphone and tablet protective cases. Dryflex Touch TPE compounds have a smooth and velvety feel that is non-sticky and easy to clean. They also offer good scratch and abrasion resistance; all of which helps to enhance the durability, appearance and aesthetics of the final application. Dryflex Touch TPEs are available in a range of hardnesses from 40 to 90 Shore A and are easy to colour in a variety of vibrant shades.

Mediprene TPE for syringe plunger seals. Mediprene TPEs are sterilizable with gamma, EtO and steam. Representative grades have been tested for cytotoxicity according to USP / ISO 10993-5 and for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-10 (Intracutaneous Reactivity), ISO 10993-11 (Acute Systemic Toxicity) and USP Class VI. Mediprene TPEs for syringe plunger seals are available in 43 to 73 Shore A hardnesses. The TPE seal, which is mounted on the end of the plunger, needs to provide a leakproof seal with the syringe barrel, the Mediprene TPEs offer low compression set, helping to maintain seal integrity.  

Dryflex Green is a family of biobased thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). They are opening up previously unreachable design solutions to the biobased thermoplastic market by covering a wider range of hardnesses, including softer grades from 20 Shore A through to 55 Shore D, while incorporating high levels of renewable content to over 90%. The biobased content derives from raw materials such as polymers, fillers, plasticizers or additives. HEXPOL TPE has also developed compounds using organic fillers from plants, crops or trees; these give additional organic appearance and haptics. Dryflex Green TPEs give manufacturers of household goods, sports equipment, toys, infant care and packaging new opportunities for sustainability.


HEXPOL TPE ist eine international agierende Unternehmensgruppe im Bereich des TPE-Compoundings, die sich auf thermoplastische Elastomere (TPEs) für Schlüsselindustrien wie die Konsumgüterindustrie, die Medizinbranche, den Verpackungssektor, die Automobilindustrie und das Baugewerbe spezialisiert hat. Aus der grundlegenden Überzeugung heraus, das unkomplizierteste Unternehmen zu sein, mit dem man Geschäfte machen kann, hat sich HEXPOL TPE der Philosophie verschrieben, eine bewährte Kombination aus Anwendungs-Know-how, F&E, Produktionsfähigkeiten und umfassenden technischen Dienstleistungen zu bieten. Als Teil der Unternehmensgruppe HEXPOL verfügen wir mit Standorten in der EU, dem Asien-Pazifik-Raum und der NAFTA-Region über ein ausgedehntes globales Netzwerk, mit dem wir unsere Kunden weltweit betreuen können. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.hexpolTPE.com

Ab Januar 2017 firmieren die Gesellschaften ELASTO und Müller Kunststoffe unter dem Namen HEXPOL TPE.

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