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Dryflex TPE adds soft touch appeal to packaging caps and closures

Greater value and higher product performance are vital for continued success in the caps and closures market. Creative design concepts are dependent on materials that enable the delivery of physical properties which meet the functional, aesthetic and environmental demands of consumers, while ensuring efficient, simplified production. Dryflex® thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are one group of materials that have been shown capable of the performance-stretch necessary to meet this challenge.

ELASTO, a leading compounder of customer specific TPE materials have developed their Dryflex range to offer optimum processing and property characteristics for the caps and closure market. The shape, softness, texture and temperature of an object all combine to give us the complete haptic experience. The soft-touch and tactile feel of TPE adds to the appeal for the consumer, helping to enhance the perceived value and quality of the product.

A range of surface finishes are available to improve product ergonomics and grip, whether bumpy, silky smooth or non slip, even when wet. Dryflex TPEs also provide excellent sealing properties; they have been used successfully in resealable membranes and can be used in headstand valves to control the flow of contents. Dryflex TPEs are PVC and phthalate free, low odour and taste and suitable for food contact. 

‘ELASTO has developed customer specific TPE compounds for leading worldwide producers of personal hygiene packaging and closures, that enhance consumer appeal and add value to their products’ commented David Mann, key account manager responsible for the caps and closure market at ELASTO. He adds; ’Our support doesn’t start and end with the material, we work with the designers, moulders and end-users of the product to provide technical, processing and development support from initial concept through to production. We work with our customers to understand the technical requirements of the compound at all stages of its life cycle. This means thinking about storage, moulding cycle time and the conditions under which the end product will be used’. 

Dryflex TPEs are 100% recyclable and can help to reduce energy costs by reducing cycle time and improving production efficiencies. Their excellent flow properties help in multi-cavity production and their adhesion properties makes them ideal for overmoulding and co-extrusion onto a variety of substrates including PP, ABS, PC and PE.

ELASTO serves the cosmetic and personal care, food and drink, and medical markets. Dryflex TPE can provide soft touch areas on aerosol actuators, reliable sealing of beverage containers and precise valve function.

David Mann will be presenting a paper on ‘Custom thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for added consumer value’ at the Plastics Caps and Closures Conference taking place in Brussels, 1 and 2 December 2010.



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