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Dryflex HiF - High Flow TPE Compounds

We're bringing novel technology to the polymer industry with Dryflex HiF, a family of very high melt-flow TPS-SEBS compounds. They are part of our portfolio of next generation materials for automotive interiors. They were developed primarily for injection moulded panels and skins, but could also be used in other application areas where very high flowing materials are needed.


  • Injection moulding of large and thin walled soft-touch parts is possible without the need for post-processing
  • They can help to lower system costs compared to PVC slush, PU coating and foil processes
  • Improved sustainability when compared to several alternative materials, due to their recyclability and low density
  • Additional cost reduction is possible by switching from an PC/ABS to PP carrier


  • Instrument and door panels, consoles, glove box and other interior trims


  • 1K injection moulding: skin moulding with subsequent back foaming
  • 2K injection moulding: direct overmoulding of PP carrier