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  • Racing Driver Dex

    Racing Driver Dex

    Our Formula 1 for automotive success

  • Chef Dex

    Only the best ingredients ensure he always cooks up a tasty treat

  • Fireman Dex

    Fireman Dex

    Always keeps his cool

  • Lifocork Dex

    Lifocork Dex


  • Transparent Dex

    Transparent Dex

    Clearly a star

  • 2K Dex

    2K Dex

    Bonds well with others, he'll always stick around

  • Conductive Dex

    Conductive Dex

    Shockingly good at his job

  • Flexible Dex

    Flexible Dex

    Elastic fantastic, see him stretch

  • Antimicrobial Dex

    Antimicrobial Dex

    Fighting bacteria 24/7

  • Doctor Dex

    Doctor Dex

    He's consistent, reliable and always there when you need him

  • Water Swellable Dex

    Hydrophilic Dex

    He's a real swell guy